Police brutality isn’t just when a cop fucks you up. It is also when a cop calls you racial slurs when making the arrest. Its planting contraband on you. It is lying about you resisting arrest or saying they feared for their lives when the situation could have been handled differently.

Police brutality is when the police mishandle you in every aspect of the process. Police brutality screams, “I do not value your life! — you are worthless to me! — your presence is a nuisance and must be dealt with.” Sometimes to fatal consequences.

And often, the news reinforces the brutality of our psyche. It continually shows death before our eyes, with no solutions in place.

Then, in a blur, maybe the length of a short news cycle, it is all forgotten, only to be rehashed with a new video or a new name.

This is a systemic, institutionalized problem that demands a system-wide solution. NOW!!!

Solidarity has to be economical, political, and purposeful.

We need to have faith in our ability to maintain a movement. This urgent shift of consciousness will most likely cause us discomfort. But it is necessary to affect change. Change and growth start with the discomfort.

Things must change Now!!!

Ways things can change now.

1/ Police and the Police Unions have to reform now. The perception now is that the bad apples are spoiling the entire bunch. Yes, there are plenty of great cops, but if those cops turn a blind eye to the bad ones’ practices, they are all bad. Arrest and/or get rid of all the bad apples.

2/ Get real talking about and dealing with racism. Racism is here, always been, always will be, but it is on what you tolerate. Too often, we can say or do something and choose not to act. No matter if the racism is from a family member, coworker, or friend.

Do something. Call it out. Racism is like a terrible infection that will spread if not dealt with accordingly.

3/ Learn about issues we all, to some degree, avoid. Topics such as racism, inequality, intolerance, etc. Get educated, stay informed. Engage in dialogue with others from different backgrounds, beliefs, and circumstances.

4/ Understand and participate in your LOCAL politics.

Learn about government and how it works and how you can affect it.

Run for office. Vote the underperforming politicians out. If you think your vote doesn’t matter, it does. People count on you not exercising your voting rights so they can keep their numbers strong.

5/ Organize, volunteer, donate, and help groups that practice positive change. Some of our leaders are failing us right now! It is all on us to make the change.

No one is here to save us.

We have to help each other collectively.

United we stand divided we fall.

Please stay safe out there.



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