If You Could Choose 3 Things That Matter Most to You, What Would They Be?

Your choices matter.

Teronie Donaldson
2 min readAug 13, 2022


If you ask anyone this question, they will more likely respond, “I don’t know.”

But upon introspection, the answer may reveal itself.

Family is essential, a massive part of my life — but not my only part.

It wasn’t until last year that I realized what mattered to me for my business and professional life.

For that part of my life, five areas are essential

1- Time Freedom.

2- Creativity.

3- Intellection stimulation/challenge.

4- No income cap.

5- Excitement.

Besides spending time with my wife and kids, I am happiest when any opportunity involves these five areas.

That revelation only came about when I started intentionally writing down what was essential and eliminating or paying less attention to unimportant things.

This question may seem easy, but it will take some time; I didn’t know until last summer, and I am 40 now — hopefully, you will know sooner, and if you don’t, hopefully, you will find out soon.

So if you need help, here are some proactive ways to figure out what’s most important to You.

  1. Identify the most important people in your life and learn how to enrich those relationships more.
  2. Ask your family and friends to list your best qualities — then focus on those areas.
  3. Assess the way you use your time.
  4. What qualities, skills or talents do you have already? How can you make them more creative?
  5. What do you enjoy doing the most?
  6. Decide what commitments are most important to you.
  7. Make time to be alone.

So think about what three things matter to you most — what would they be?

(It doesn’t have to be three; I chose three because it is easier to manage.)

I hope this helps

All the best.

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