The Best Piece of Financial Advice I Have Ever Received

And how it can help you today.

Teronie Donaldson
9 min readMay 4, 2022


Taking action on great financial advice is essential to your financial success — bottom line!

When I was in my twenties, a wealthy man once told me to INVEST YOUR MONEY.

The older gentleman was headed out of a Starbucks as I was going in. I noticed his watch and expensive-looking shirt, not like the guy in the above picture, but one that spoke of fine fabric — like wool, which comes from the vicuña and can only be shorn from the animal once every two to three years. My suspicions of his wealth were confirmed when he headed to his Bently.

This dude seemed like James Bond, so I was curious and asked the fellow impulsively how I could get rich like you?

The fellow laughed and said, “become a drug dealer?”

Clearly, he had a sense of humor — whether he was actually speaking his truth, I will never know, nor did I care to become an accessory, but he quickly followed up and said, “Kid, invest your money, and it will do wonders for you.” Then he drove off.

At the time, I was thinking invest in what -the fellow didn’t give me specific advice. However, later on in life, I realized there are so many levels to the investment game that even if he drew me a blueprint, I still probably wouldn’t figure it out.

The advice was the best piece I received because he planted the seed into my mind that I should invest what I earn. However, the path to what to invest in is up to me to figure out.

I will preface — I am not a financial advisor or Your financial advisor, but I will share that lesson from that fellow and what I have learned from various books, links and sources — and the path is up to you from there.

Simply stated:

Invest your Money.

Whatever it is you call your money — cake, dough, moolah, benjamins, paper, bread, etc. it is the same for anyone that has to use the money for a living.

If done right, you may be lucky enough to buy one of these gold shirts that the fellow has in the article picture.



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