We Live in the World Our Questions Create

Teronie Donaldson
3 min readAug 12, 2022


The word question is derived from the Latin word “quaerere,” which means “ to ask or search for,” which is profound as the best part of most people’s lives is in the search.

-Search for a better job.

-Search for a better city.

-Search for a better group of friends.

-Search for a lover — sometimes a better lover.

-Search for the perfect life.

-Search for true meaning.

-Search for happiness.

Unfortunately, when our search doesn’t yield the desired results, we can either become depressed or discouraged and wind up feeling like a failure or unfulfilled.

The essential way to understand ourselves is through continued introspection, especially in navigating life.

Introspection is simply examining or observing one’s own mental and emotional processes.

Introspection is essential because, without it, we can go astray.

Researchers have shown that we think more than 50,000 thoughts per day, and unfortunately, more than half are negative; in addition, most of those thoughts are repeats from the past — Constant self-chastisement.

Thoughts such as;

-I am not good enough.

-People are more intelligent than me.

-Opportunities are limited for me.

-Bad things always happen to me.

-Everything always ends up the same.

-It’s a waste of time.

-I’m not putting myself or content out there because it is not perfect.

Insert your negative talk here: _____________

This self-chastisement is one of the worst parts of being human. Think about it; if someone spoke to you the way you mentally spoke to yourself, you would probably punch them in the face — So why do we do it?

Honestly, that is a topic for another day as the answer can fill many books.

But I will say if you don’t take the time or make an effort to refocus your mind through positive introspection, you will lose an opportunity for growth and development.

Introspections give you the chance to ask yourself the right questions. After all, the power of a well-placed question at the right moment will change your life.

When you are ready to receive it, the answer to a well-placed question will change how you think, and when you change how you think, you can change how you act. — Which leads to a breakthrough in the way you live your life.

The wisest people in history have always known that no one can make much of their life until introspection has become a regular habit.

Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius (121 A.D — 180 A.D) is a great example of this, as his introspections formed the classic book called “Meditations”

Depending on what you “find,” you can admit and accept what it is and correct what is wrong.

So what question(s) will you ask yourself?

Another derivation from “quaerere” is quest; so think of your answers as the quest you must go through to accomplish your mission in life.

“Good questions inform, and great questions transform.”

All the best.

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