Why do I sometimes have a hard time being happy, when I have an amazing life?

Teronie Donaldson
4 min readOct 10, 2017
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I have no complaints. I am blessed beyond recognition. I have no major issues. A happy family, healthy body, no drama and options on what to do with my life.

So what’s the problem?

I realize the problem is me. There are things I have not yet seen, done and conquered and it bothers me. It bothers me because I know there is more I am capable of and haven’t yet scratched the surface. It is not an ego thing. It feels like I am not getting to where I want to be fast enough and it is requiring me to do some soul-searching.

I am realizing that an amazing life with all the fixings doesn’t mean I will be all the way happy. It’s amazing in many ways (spouse and family), not so in others (major aim not completed yet). It’s almost that paradox of finding a genie and getting what you wished for.

Here’s some reason I found on why I sometimes have a hard time being happy even though I have an amazing life:


The fear that I haven’t done much yet. The older I get the more observant of time I am. It is the season of “oh shit I gotta get serious”. That unhappiness can come in the place of the fear that you haven’t done much or you might not live up to what you envisioned. Or simply I have done a lot already but I need to step up my ambition more.

I believe if I let go of that mindset of nonstop ambition I can be happier. Easier said than done but able to be done.

Having a perspective on where I am, and celebrating what I have already accomplished to date can be hugely beneficial.

Focusing on what I can do and squash that fear by taking action consistently.

Working with deliberate focus and being mindful not to waste time. Gone are the days of living in a hollow world only concerned with partying, drinking…



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